The EFSN is a network of active European citizens active in food production, processing and distribution. Its members make every effort to ensure that the entire process of food production obeys National and Community Laws and Regulations as well as scientific data. The legal entity of the network in Greece is the association of certified food companies in Greece, abbreviated as SPETE.

The purpose of the network is to place safe food on the European Union market.

The goals of the link are:

(a) the legal and regulatory status of those involved in the production and distribution of food;

(b) the training of the parties involved in order to eliminate or reduce to an acceptable level human risk factors;

. (c) ongoing and systematic supervision of the application of standards and certifications; and

(d) the implementation of notification and communication programs for consumer citizens.

Through these objectives the following are pursued:

(a) the continuous improvement of business activities related to food safety;

. (b) urging non - compliant entities to comply with the prescribed requirements; and

(c) the process-centric approach of statutory bodies to the Supervision of Laws and Regulations.

Food safety is a matter for all those who are involved in one way or another in the production, processing and disposal of these products and who can no longer renounce their civil and criminal liability.

Members of the EFSN network belong to:

Primary Production, A Processing, B Processing, Storage, Distribution

Distribution, Key Suppliers.

Specifically, the goals of the Association are:


1. To cultivate, assist, develop and disseminate the spirit of quality management in the food and beverage business.

2. The systematic study of the problems of the industry in order to better claim and resolve them.

3. Encouraging and promoting members' cooperation to more effectively defend and promote consumer interests.

4. Developing a spirit of solidarity and mutual help among members and ensuring conditions for improving vocational training and raising their operational and educational level.

5. Assist in the professional information and training of its members as well as in the national audit and observation mechanism

6. Participation in the European Food Safety Network by promoting all means of communication among members.

7. The recognition by all appropriate means of certifying the efforts of members and their contribution to society.

In order to fulfill the above objectives the Association may:

1. Address the public, administrative and judicial authorities, local authorities, domestic and foreign cooperative organizations and representatives of various social groups, on any issue concerning a potential cause of safety risk at all stages of the food chain and to any legal action to this end.

2 uses all appropriate means to inform public opinion and public administration on matters of concern to food safety and their promotion.

3. Seeks to represent the Association in Councils, State Committees and Organizations, and Local Government, & in general Government bodies, on matters directly or indirectly related to food safety issues.

4. publish books, educational forms and promote such publications that contribute to the development of social awareness and information for citizens on food safety.

5. Collaborates with and cooperates with other bodies, within and outside Greece, regardless of corporate form and organization, in common goals of developing and promoting the legitimate interests of citizens.

6. Establish the appropriate office and office mechanism of the Association and enrich it by the necessary means.

7. contributes to the creation of a member support fund for specialized technology issues in the context of ensuring the safety of food produced.

8. Funds studies and research on the safety issues of modern technological food production and disposal mechanisms.

9. contributes to the continuous training of the members of the Association on the subject of their work, by way of example, research, seminars, workshops, conferences etc.

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